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We are extremely pleased to announce a VERY HIGH QUALITY Breeding we have for 2020, with all information on the litter found below. This is an "in house" pairing, between one of my personal Grouse dogs, Fast Himmel’s Mini-Me VD Shady Cove, “MeMe” and FC AFC Gamble’s Sixth-Sens Holliday, “Doc”. This is a pairing of two excellent and proven wild bird dogs, further building on our vision of a Shorthair that excels at wild bird hunting with minimal training and exposure for the average owner, but is able to excel to the highest levels of competition and testing, with the ability to take advanced training with ease. We expect this pairing to produce excellent nose, high intelligence, natural retrieve, solid conformation, cooperative and biddable nature, with an off switch for in the home and a definitive on switch once the tail gate drops.
Contact us for video's and references from owners of pups from previous similar breedings!
Take some time to study this well thought out pedigree and you'll recognize the talent, with multiple Hall Of Fame animals!


EXCELLENT breeding, with a Pedigree that speaks for itself, due approximately February 4th and ready to go home in early April!

I am extremely proud of this Pairing! Proving to be consistent, dynamite Shorthairs!

The pups will reside in the house here for their first 8 weeks, until they are ready to go to their new homes in early February; receiving lots of socialization with my daughters, people and other dogs; as well as initial bird intro's and a host of other foundation building blocks.

This will be a VERY, VERY nice litter of Shorthairs, from two outstanding animals with plenty of snap, crackle and pop; "Full Choke" noses; lots of style with high heads and high tails, excellent conformation and all the intelligence, power, drive, biddability, natural talent and personality a person could ask for. This is an extremely nice pairing that will be lining up on both tops and bottoms of the pedigree and is sure to produce GSP’s destined to impress; with a VERY strong foundation showing numerous Dual Champion and Field Champion Foundation GSP's, multiple Hall of Fame GSP’s, a Field Champion/Amateur Field Champion Sire and a Dam that is my personal proven Grouse companion. Both Sire and Dam have proven themselves to be particularly effective on Ruffed Grouse here in the Appalachians, an ability I place especially high in my breeding program.

We invite you to look at, thoroughly study the pedigree and you’ll quickly recognize our desire in planning this pairing.

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SIRE: FC/AFC Gamble's Sixth-Sens Holliday, Doc, is out of FC Gamble's Jump'N Jolene SH, by DC/INT CH/RU AKC NWGDC Gamble's Benney The Jet MH. He is owned by Mr. Jonathan Sensinger, was trained and handled to his Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion titles, by Bruce Shaffer/Almost Heaven Kennels and owner Mr. Jonathan Sensinger.

Doc has been both an absolute pleasure to train and handle in trials on pen raised birds, but is also a phenomenal wild bird dog on Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock, excelling particularly well on Grouse. He's one of those Grouse dogs that just seems to dig up birds when you think none are to be found and handles far more to perfection, than makes mistakes; successfully handling tough, well educated birds, in WV, MD and PA. For me, he is one of my favored client dogs to take along Grouse hunting with my own personal dogs, when I find time for a bit of "me time" chasing my favorite gamebird with my own favorite companions.

From Docs owner Mr. Jonathan Sensinger:

From day one, Doc excelled at every task put before him, always a fire ball of energy aiming to please, with failure never an option. No matter what venue we selected, he always new the game and switched gears appropriately. On top of competing to Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion titles, Doc has shown respectfully in both AKC & AF wild bird Trials, hunted Chukar and Pheasant preserves, hunted State released Pheasants on State Game Lands and more impressively than anything else, has proven to be a proven top notch Grouse and Woodcock machine.

Doc has solidified my opinion of the statement, "ALWAYS TRUST YOUR DOG!"

Aside from his field abilities and amazing Pedigree, he has proven to be a joy to have as part of the family. He enjoys being with the family at meal time, sleeps at the foot of the bed every night, is excellent in the home as a casual loafer, gets along well with all sizes and manners of other dogs, but above all else, loves out children the most.

Although we like to refer to him as "a Punk" for our favored term of endearment, he's only looking for more love and affection from those around him.
He has proven to be an exceptional Shorthair in all aspects from Ability to Personality and Trainability.

He is:

OFA EXCELLENT Hips                          GSP-18926E58M-NOPI

OFA NORMAL Elbows                            GSP-EL3722M58-NOPI

AKC DNA Profile#                                    V840769

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Doc's OFA Hips and Elbows

DAM: Fast Himmel’s Mini-Me VD Shady Cove, aka. MeMe is owned by our family, as well as hunted VERY successfully on Ruffed Grouse, on the steep, Grapevine and Greenbrier covered slopes of Maryland and West Virginia. She is a very focused, powerful and business like Shorthair when hunting, that covers ground with an excellent natural application as the cover and grounds demand, missing nothing, yet is very attentive to her people and seeks positive attention when she sees the opportunity. She is extremely biddable and is as natural of a bird dog as anyone could ever hope to ask for, following in her mother and grandmother before her footsteps, as my personal Grouse hunting companion. Natural to hand retriever from day one and absolutely difficult to get out of the water if permitted to swim! She loves to please me, regardless of the task asked of her. She is also an absolute joy to have in the home, a couch potato and a bed hog. Don’t make the mistake of falling into her trap of taking something from her to throw, unless you plan to play fetch for several hours!

MeMe's Searchable Pedigree

MeMe's Printable Pedigree

MeMe's Photo Album

MeMe's OFA Hips and Elbows

Both Doc and MeMe have been X-rayed for Hips and Elbows, both Doc and MeMe are OFA "EXCELLENT" for Hips, both are OFA "NORMAL" for Elbows and Doc has an AKC DNA profile on record.

Pups are Guaranteed for Abilities, Temperament and against Genetic defects. Guarantee

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