We would like to take a minute to Thank you for your interest in our site. Please browse through and take a look at our Pedigree's and Photo's. Check back from time to time and you will be sure to see changes and additions as we add on. Much like our home, we will probably forever be UNDER CONSTRUCTION;)). We hope you enjoy your visit.

We are a small kennel Breeding the German Shorthaired Pointer breed and Professionally Training all breeds of Sporting Gundogs; to include Pointing Breeds, Flushing Breeds and Retrieving Breeds; located in the scenic farmlands, river valley's and mountains of Eastern West Virginia approx. 60 miles west of Martinsburg, WV/Winchester, VA and 30 miles south of Cumberland, Md. We breed 1 to 2 litters of German Shorthairs a year for placement in good homes that actively hunt or compete, where pup is a member of the family and given the opportunity to do the job it was bred to do, as are our own GSP's. The parents are hunted extensively on Grouse and Woodcock in West Virginia and Maryland, with occasional side trips to locations of interest in other states for various other gamebirds. We take great pride in breeding a German Shorthair with excellent temperament, personality, disposition and natural abilities for companionship in the home and in the field and fully back our pride with a written guarantee. Our lines are being proven in AKC Hunt Test, Field Trials and Conformation Events. We obtained our 1st Dam Martha "Calamity Jane" WVSD, aka: "Calamity" from our very dear friends, the Moore's, in White Lake, South Dakota in 1998 where hunting pheasants is not only a pleasure, but also a way of life. Our 1st Sire, Raines Dauernd derHund WVKS, aka: "Percy" was obtained from Kirby Rust of "Outback Kennels" located in Kensington, Kansas in 2003 and was selected to compliment Calamity Jane's abilities. We are continuously looking to the future with our up and comers, seeking to continue furthering the breed. Our goal as always, is to continue our "Search for the Perfect German Shorthair". We always enjoy and welcome visitors, as we've never met a stranger!!!!

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