Wyatt is proudly owned by Jonathan Sensinger. Trained and Handled by Bruce Shaffer.

He earned his Junior Hunter Title in 2009.
Earned his Master Hunter Title in 2010.

He Ranked #10 GSPCA Open Gundog and #13 AKC GSP Open Gundog for 2011.

At the conclusion of 2012 Wyatt fell short of his AFC by 1 point but accumulated many other impressive statistics. With 27 placements, under 45 different Judges that placed him, Wyatt finished up the year ranked #1 Open Gun Dog in GSPCA with 106 points and #1 GSP Gun Dog in AKC with 154 dogs defeated. He finished up OLGD ranked #7 in GSPCA with 52 points and #6 GSP Open Limited Gun Dog in AKC with 88 dogs defeated. An added surprise was that in the few Trials Jon was able to attend and run Wyatt himself, he was able to get Wyatt ranked #8 with 60 points in Amateur Gun Dog in GSPCA and #6 GSP Amateur Gun Dog in AKC with 95 dogs defeated. One final surprise that was unnoticed by us till nearly the end of Dec., was his ranking in "AKC All Breed", where Wyatt finished up as the #9 Gun Dog in the Country against all Pointing Breeds.

Association of Field Trial Clubs of New Jersey 2012 Open Gun Dog of the Year

Wyatt finished his Amateur Field Champion, earning that last point at the very first Trial he ran in 2013; just prior to starting a new goal in the Show Ring, in an effort to earn the status of Dual Champion.

Wyatt was tragically lost in a house fire in October 2013, with 38 Field Trial placements to his credit, 36 of which were in adult broke stakes.

Thankfully, we are blessed to have collected him and will be bringing his brilliance back to light.
"The best is yet to come."

GSP-14953G24M-VPI HIPS May 6 2011 May 31 2011 24 GOOD

GSP-EL1511M24-VPI ELBOW May 6 2011 May 31 2011 24 NORMAL

GSP-TH332/25M-VPI THYROID May 26 2011 Jun 2 2011 25 NORMAL

DNA Profiled

Lupoid Dermatosis NEGATIVE from UofP

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